Need to know about networking system

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I want to learn about networking systems. What is a networking system ?

It is necessary to know about networking system. Where and how much time do I need, to know or learn about networking system? If it is easy to find it online or available for download for free, please give me the address.


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Need to know about networking system


Hi LIja27,

I found your questions a little confusing because it is not specific, as to what networking you really mean.

Do you mean Social Networking? or Internet Networking? But anyhow, I'll give you answers for both.

Social Networking is a platform of social gathering, where the main purpose is to build relationships between people, events and gatherings. A good example of Social Networking is/are Facebook and Twitter. Check this website.

Internet Networking means, to Interconnect one computer to another computer and or multiple computers connects to the Internet using 1 line. A good example of this is, to have a switch, coax cord and router.

These are ways to connect 1 computer to another and have access to each database. Check this website.

Hope this will answer your question.

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