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Hi there everyone!

I do not really have much idea about the cloud technology of today's tech world. Can anyone tell me about cloud computing and this new software called Cloudfogger 1.1.1349? Any additional information related to the topic is also appreciable. Thanks.

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Hi John Sappington

Cloud computing is an overall design concept. It is much more complicated and yet not simple. The underline concept of Cloud is to separate applications from the operating system and from the hardware.  It means if the operating system fails an application on the machine can’t run,or if hardware fails on the machine the application can’t run. To avoid this Cloud separate Operating system and Hardware from the application. You can see more introductions on the video below.

CloudFogger is a free program designed to provide another layer of protection to your data. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with any cloud-based service, but can also be used simply to encrypt selected files and folders on your PC or local network.

Best Regards

Amanda Morson