Goal of the one who creates cloud computing stds.

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Do you think that the goal of the one who creates cloud computing stds apart from the proprietary computing of cloud in order to prevent lock-in by vendors as well as for boosting the clouds are lofty?

Would you share your suggestions and thoughts about this topic?

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Goal of the one who creates cloud computing stds.


The main purpose of cloud computing is to increase the concept of mobility. The cloud computing gives you a complete desktop experience without having a physical machine to have it like a laptop or a desktop device.

This means that people who use it do not need to carry huge amount of data into their external hard drives or in their usb all over the places like from office to office or from office to home. There is so much that they can do with using the cloud computing.

Apart from that, the security of the data is also increased since the drives and usbs can be stolen but in this case, there is no chance

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