Increase signal of wifi router

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My wifi router is placed near the modem and phone line. I want to increase the signal output of my wifi router to reach my room. My room is adjacent and above to the router. Is there a way to do this without costing me much?

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Increase signal of wifi router


You can try using an aluminum foil. It will surely give you a little a boost on your wifi signal.

– First you have to get a foil about 18 x 12 inches.

– Fold it to form a rectangular shape 18 times by inch.

– Then give it a good curve that can stand, or if your wifi router is wall mounted, then try punching some holes in it and then put in your wifi router antenna.

This solution is very cheap and yet it is not as effective as investing money on another wifi router or buying a stronger antenna. As a wifi user, I will still recommend buying a new equipment rather than using cheap methods to boost wifi connection. In your case it is much better to get another wifi router connected to your other router via lan port, then place it near or inside your room.

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Increase signal of wifi router


Tips to increase or boost the signal of your router:

  • If possible place your router in an open position preferably in the center of your house.
  • Make sure that there is no obstruction or interference near your router  like  metallic objects or equipments, filing cabinets magnets, television, cordless phone, microwave, radio  and other similar objects that is using the same frequency.  
  • Change the wifi channel, try it at least 3 times and see if there are changes in the signal strength on your laptop everytime you do this. You need to choose the channel that you get the highest signal strength. If you do not know how to change the channel you need to contact the manufacturer of your router or check the user manual that came with it . 
  • You can also update the firmware or software that came with it.You can usually check the latest software on the website of your router's manufacturer. 
  • Purchase a bi-directional amplifier which is more affordable than a repeater. The amplifier increases  the strength of your existing signal,  it increases both your upload and download speed.
  • You can also purchase a wireless repeater. A repeater acts like a wireless network expander. This doesn't cost much it ranges from $16 to $80. 
  • If you are not getting any signal you can try and replace the antenna if it can be replace, not all routers allow the antenna to be replace but some do. 
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Increase signal of wifi router


There are ways of increasing wireless signal without additional cost. But if you need stronger wireless signal, then why not spend couple of bucks to get this what you need.

First, place the router away from cordless phone, microwave ovens, electromagnetic devices, satellite dish and carpet. These are the so called wireless interruptions, causes the signal to decreased to it's standard wireless signal.

Second, try to position the router and it's antenna pointing to the place where your room, computer is located.

Third, update the firmware to get a better enhanced wireless software installed in your router. This will increase but not guaranteed strong wireless signal but this fixes incompatible issues with the software and hardware you have.

Lastly, installed wireless booster.

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