Differences Between WLAN and LAN?

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Can anybody clear what is the difference between Wireless and LAN. What is the access mechanism in both and how do they differ?

Explain in detail.


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Differences Between WLAN and LAN?



LAN mean Local Area Network and in LAN technology we can connect hundreds of computers with the server, through data cables and data switch in a single building only. In LAN we use IP Addresses and these IP are manually assigned to every computer.

WLAN means wireless LAN. In this mechanism, we cannot use cable or data switch between server and clients. Only one wireless router is connected with the server and at the client end, we use only small antennas. Through this antenna, client connects with our server through signals.

Main difference is  that (in LAN we use Cables to connect server and clients and in WAN, we don't use cables)


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Differences Between WLAN and LAN?

The physical layer of WLAN or wireless LAN is wireless or radio waves. Without using CSMA/CD, they use CSMA/CA for media access.
They have tow way half duplex radio communication. WLAN is bound to abide by the RF regulation of the land.
Problems of radio waves over wires:
• Coverage 
• Interference, noise.
• Privacy.
• APs (Access point) are shared.
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Differences Between WLAN and LAN?


Dear Mario,

LAN is a cable network while a wireless is a cable less connection. Both are different in medium they use to connect. As wireless uses signals may be electromagnetic signals or sign waves but LAN uses wires to connect each computer. You can think for a LAN as a telephone connections and you can think of wireless as a mobile phone connection. Both are used to connect through network but both uses different mediums to connect and that same is the case with Wireless and LAN connections.

A LAN can be only implemented with in a building or in a specific area while a wireless technology can be used for a long distance as it can be a difference of some miles or it may be a country difference. That is the basic difference between wireless and LAN.

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Differences Between WLAN and LAN?

LAN is used for still computers but WLAN is used for movable computers or devices.
WLAN is handier than LAN because LAN may end up with tangled of wires to ensure coverage of WLAN.
LAN is faster than WLAN.
Maximum speed of LAN can be 100 Mbps whereas WLAN can have sped of 54Mbps.
LAN offers more security than WLAN.

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