Implement an application that can do Multihoming thru SCTP using IPV6 addresses

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Good Day. 

Currently I’m working on an application about SCTP multihoming using IPV6 family type of addresses. I had already finished and tried multihoming on IPV4 addresses so I can say that converting it to IPV6 will be quite easy. Following the steps (changing family types, socket types) on my application I should have updated it and make it to run via IPV6. But sadly I’m stuck on how to bind the client to multiple virtual ipv6 addresses (Both Manually created and programmatically created)

I’m getting this error during trying to bind(ipv6_addr[iCounter]); statement :
" Cannot assign requested address"

Current OS: Redhat 5.4

As I check the virtual ip I had created were Global in Scope.

Your help will be much appreciated

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Implement an application that can do Multihoming thru SCTP using IPV6 addresses


The possible cause of this error is because you are attempting to create a socket with an address that is not from the computer that you are using. The "address" which is being referred to is the remote socket name, and that consists of the protocol, port and the address.

The error will occur when the sin_port value has been set to zero in a sockaddr_in structure for connect() or sendto(). Another thing that will cause that error is when you are trying to name the local socket, and by that I mean assigning the local address and the  port number with the function bind(),  but then the windows Sockets have not been set to ascribe this error to bind(). So you will need to troubleshoot those issues.

-Richard Gabriel


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