What is Social Networking Software

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I want to know what is social networking Software

Thank You friends

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What is Social Networking Software

Social CRM is defined by social networking and the social tools it uses. Before social CRM, businesses could only look at the customer information that pertained to their particular transactions–sales, surveys produced by the company, and face-to-face feedback. Social networking adds a completely different form of customer data, powered by online applications. Businesses can now use websites, social networking applications, and Internet tools to connect to their customers in a broader sense.
Social CRM is based on network programs, usually programs that the business must join instead of create. Facebook and Twitter are both very popular examples. They allow businesses to quickly update customers on discounts or deals and receive feedback on plans very quickly from a wide variety of consumers. The business can also use social applications such as Q and A pages and forums on their own websites to improve performance.
When used correctly, social CRM allows businesses to trade information and ideas between customers, creating a community of consumers that has a very beneficial impact on the business brand and the way the business is perceived by consumers. Customers who can comment on business plans and have their questions or concerns immediately dealt with via social networking are more likely to be loyal to the business.
Social CRM takes a lot of work, and businesses usually need at least one employee involved in full-time management of business networks and profiles. Social CRM requires a deep understanding of both customers and the business, along with the ability to write for social networking sites. Business must invest a considerable amount of time, talent, and money in this strategy.
Traditional Programs
Traditional customer service programs that analyze sales and examine customer actions for trends will always be important to marketing and customer service. Social CRM does not replace these older tactics, but it does give them new leverage. With Social CRM, the business can link social commentary and feedback with the hard data of sales. Both need to work together for the company to achieve success.
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What is Social Networking Software


Hello Taagred,

A social network is a website that allows you to chat with friends, share your views about certain things and make comments on them, post videos and share your views about them and do a lot other things.

Some social networks will allow you to share your music, join lotteries so that you can win prizes and other gifts that you may be promised. Some of the common social networks include facebook, google+, myspace, and twitter. Joining them is easy, you just need to provide a few details like your name, year of birth, username and so forth.

So, social network software I believe will be any application that contributes in the development of a website which has the functionality of a social network.


Lee Hung

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What is Social Networking Software


Social networking is a haven created for hang-out, except, you are using the Internet to make acquaintance with friends, pals, family and whoever who has a profile on a social networking website.

You are required to create a profile, upload pictures and give out information about you and what you are. You can make a shout-out on what you are doing, current updates, events and happenings on and whatever comes into your mind.

Social networking is more like you are in a social gathering. You are there for a certain purpose, to make acquaintance with some else you know or invited you. You'll get to meet new friends or create enemies if they don't like you during the first meet-up. Happenings like this, also happens in a social networking.

Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Linken, Myspace are an example of Social Networking. where you need to have a profile for yourself and build friendships connections. You have a wall, wall is considered as an environment to where you meet-up and get to know each other.

Social networking is getting popular because of the features they provide. There are benefits, advantages and disadvantages of getting hook-up in a social networking. There are numbers of reported crime caused by this social networking.

So, when you are to subscribed and get involved to a social networking, you'll need to be familiar on the rules and regulations. You need also to be cautions on who to meet, accept as friends and be responsible to your posting. But in the totality, social networking is a cool thing crated in this era.

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