IDM Resume Problem for .flv Video Downloads

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I use IDM (Internet Download Manager) for downloading music videos from YouTube and some other sites. But it has a problem that whenever I resume a download of an .flv file, it gives an error, "While trying to resume download, IDM got a response form server that if doesn't support resuming the download".


When trying to resume the download, Internet Download Manager got a response from the server that it doesn't support resuming the download.

It's possible that it's a temporary error of the server, and you will be able to resume the file at a later time, but at this time IDM can download this file from the beginning.

Do you want to download this file from the beginning?

So, when I click on "Yes" the download page, from which I was downloading the .flv video, opens again so that I can download the video again from the begriming.

This always happens with the .flv format videos resume, either I'm downloading from YouTube or another site.

This never happened with any other file. I can easily resume other downloads.

Please help me fixing this problem.


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IDM Resume Problem for .flv Video Downloads



All the Video and Music sharing sites now have dynamic pages and a session is allotted to you while downloading any video or audio and so it is difficult to resume the videos after you have paused, because the session expires. In that case, there is no solution to this problem except restarting the download.

If you will download the videos from static sites, then you will be able to resume downloads.

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IDM Resume Problem for .flv Video Downloads


It means that the website where you download the FLV file is not resume supported some video files support this method but not all website does. If you need a particular file that has a FLV extension and form that specified website that doesn't support the resume capability. I suggest that you just wait for it to finish the download and don't stop the download no matter what.

Youtube's FLV file formats sometime broke it resume capability but it is there for a long time based on my experience. You can check it out to prove what I'm saying is true.

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IDM Resume Problem for .flv Video Downloads


Dear Fasodavid,

whenever the error appears do not click on the yes button here is the solution to your problem:

1. Click the No button

2. Now go to your download link in IDM right click and refresh address

3. IDM will resume the session again and will start downloading where it stopped the file.


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