What is FAH.exe or [email protected]

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  I downloaded a game named "Borderlands" and it was pretty awesome. Included on the download is the image file of the game and an icon called [email protected] .

Instructions on installing the game was to install normally and copy the manipulated image over the original files and after that,  run this "[email protected]" which I did.

It started and occupied about 15% – 20% of the installation progress for about 3 minutes or so. But then, it stopped moving and never made any progress at all. I waited for about 2-3 hours but still this thing isn't moving even just a bit.

I tried to cancel it but it wont, also tried ending its task from the task manager and still, this program cant be removed. So what I did was to restart my computer and see if its still there. I was relieved to see that it is not there anymore. 

 My question is, what is this FAH.exe ( [email protected] ) thing and why this made my pc hang?

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What is FAH.exe or [email protected]


Actually [email protected] (sometimes abbreviated as FAH or [email protected]) is a distributed computing (DC) project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations.

In most modern personal computers, the CPU is rarely used to its full capacity at all times; the [email protected] client takes advantage of this unused processing power.

It's not a virus or malware (I assume from your question that it's not changed or infected your system) but yes, it hogs processor power. It is completely HARMLESS.

You can easily delete the .exe file by start by stopping the service in your task manger by CTRL+ALT+DEL, check for MSconfig startup tab or you can check from Control Panel for the services and manually remove the .exe file. Good Luck!!!

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What is FAH.exe or [email protected]


I think you have downloaded an illegal software. You are just lucky that this one does not contain viruses because softwares like this always comes with Trojan viruses.

This is usually done to make your software a legit version and will not let you purchase a product key or any registration code and it will overwrite the original file on your application.

If I were you, I will just buy a legit version to enjoy the complete features of the software and your computer won't get any viruses. Don't try to use any manipulated software tools or any generators.

These programs are the usual culprits of infection in the computer. As to my experience with these types of programs, it’s very rare to find clean ones. Almost all of the programs I used are Trojan infected.

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