I want to do a low level format hard drive seagate

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Hi friends,

I want to format my Seagate ATA  (IDE) Hard disk. I want to do this very safely and can't take any risk. I am not a computer expert and don’t know the exact method, I don’t know the features of my hard disk exactly. That’s why I am asking here from the experts. How to do a low level format hard drive Seagate?  Give me a simple and easy to understand method.

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I want to do a low level format hard drive seagate



Hi Deborah

Here are the steps on how to format your Seagate hard drive in “low level formatting mode” and in the safest way. The inlay and the safest method of initializing all of the data in Seagate gadget is the “Zero Fill Erase Option” in SeaTolls which is for DOS. This method is very simple, it will only write zeros to your entire hard drive.

How can you do this? Here are the steps:

*NOTE: This method completely erases all of the data in your hard disk. So I recommend to make a backup of your data first.

  •  Download the SeaTools for Dos which can be downloaded at SeaTools homepage. It includes “zero fill” options. The main function of zero fill is to clean up most of the defects of your hard disk
  •  Boot the right path location of the downloaded SeaTools, then it will start up immediately.
  •  Choose from “Erase Track Zero”, “Timed Erase” and “Full Erase” here are their definitions:
  •  Erase Track Zero – this option erases just the first 63 sectors of your hard drive which takes just some seconds to complete. After this process, your hard drive ready to install a new operating system
  • Timed Erase – this option willerase the sectors from 3 to 5 minutes. These options will overwrite the sectors at the beginning of the drive where the majority of the static operating system files reside
  •  Full Erase – this option erases every data sector on the drive and takes a long time to complete. This procedure can easily take several hours to complete. The advantage of this option is to discover and reallocate any defective (hard to read) sectors to good spares.

After the process, you must reboot your system from the operating system.

I hope this helps.


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I want to do a low level format hard drive seagate



Dear Deborah Hall,

Dear there are many ways to format SeaGate hard disk drive.

For this, you can use Maxtor’s Power Max formatter.

The Maxtor’s Power Max format utility is compatible with all companies’ hard drives.

This is very easy to use.

Benefits of Maxtor’s low level formatter are very huge. This utility will remove all bad sector and bad clusters.

You can also run zero fill drive setup as well.

Here is a link to download the Maxtor’s Power Max utility free of cost.


I hope it will help you a lot.


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