I need a working open source LAN limiter.

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Hi! I started a new internet business within my locality. I connect my neighbours to the internet and they pay me at the end of the month. I realized that some of them carry out heavy downloads therefore adversely affecting the speed for the other clients. Is there an open source LAN limited that I can use to control how much bandwidth each of the clients get? I will appreciate if the limiter is also able to completely disconnect someone when necessary. Give a bit of review please!

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I need a working open source LAN limiter.


Hello Mr. Mathias,

> Traffic ShaperXP is the best net limiting software available for free. It has many features such as speed limiting, port filtering, traffic monitoring, stream statistics etc.

> NetLimiter another great bandwidth shaping software which is a premium tool but has a freeware version.

> NetBalancer is also a paid software but contains a free version.

Hope this helps. Best regards.

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I need a working open source LAN limiter.


Hi Jose,

Good luck with your business and here is the solution for your problem. There are a lot of software for limiting the bandwidth. Bandwidth Manager is one of it:

Using this software you can provide bandwidth limit to each and every user separately or a common limit for all.

It works on all windows based pc.

There is no need to install it on client machine

Easy to setup:

Easy to manage

Monitor user activity

Keep you network secure.

So in all its a good software, you can try it for free and if comfortable then you can buy it.

Here is the link : https://www.antamedia.com/bandwidth-manager/


Hope it solves your problem.

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