Error “Network Cable is Unplugged”

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Hey there.

I got a problem with my desktop and I cannot connect to the internet. I posted this question via my office computer. If you may ask, I am using a Vista machine and, whenever I try to connect to the internet, it shows the error, "Network Cable is Unplugged".
This error started when we redesigned our house and moved it to another area. The area is like a meter away, from where it was located before.
I have checked all physical connections and guarantee all are in place. I have switched the ends of the cable and LAN cable was replaced already with a new one, but I am getting a media disconnected state still.
I do not want to buy card and modem both at once, so I need to be sure which is really my problem. My PC and modem are both out of warranty already. As much as possible, I want to be cost effective.
Kindly help me isolate the issue.
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Error “Network Cable is Unplugged”


Hi Brad,

I've read the issue that your having and I have some options that can assist you on how to isolate the issue.

Since you had replaced the Ethernet cable, you might want to ask a friend who has a laptop computer or if you have another computer that you can use.

  • Try connecting the Ethernet cable to the modem that you have .
  • Restart the modem and computer.
  • Check the PC/link/internet light of the modem, if it will turn on solid/blinking.
  • If there is a light, check for the LAN settings on the network connection:

Start >> control panel >> network and internet connections >> network connections >> LAN (Local Area Connection) will show CONNECTED Firewalled (WINDOWS XP) –start >> look for start search (Vista) search programs and files (windows 7) >> type ncpa.cpl >> hit ENTER >> network connections will appear >> LAN will shows network (this is the indicator, that it's connected to the internet). 

  • If there is no light on pc/link/internet on the modem and LAN still shows, network cable unplug; that means the issue is the PORT of the modem where the Ethernet cable is connected.
  • If the computer was able to connect, that means that the NIC (network interface card) or the Ethernet adapter of the computer is the issue. You may want to check the NIC and do the following:
  1. Click Start
  2. Look for Start Search and type 'devmgmt.msc' and then Hit ENTER.
  3. The device manager screen will load up and then look for 'network adapters' located at the very bottom part of the list.
  4. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of the network adapters and you should see the list of adapters that your computer is using.
  5. Look for the adapter that has either IC or that says 'Ethernet adapter' and right click and then select uninstall .
  6. You will notice that the adapter will disappear from the list.
  7. so the next step would be right-click any other adapter listed and just click, 'scan for hardware changes' and you'll see that the adapter will appear again on the list. 
  8. You can close all the screen and check the LAN again if its still showing 'network cable unplug'.

If this is the case so you need to replace the Ethernet card of the computer.

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Error “Network Cable is Unplugged”


Hi Dear,

It seems that your cable has been broken or the connectors are not been punched well.

Kindly check your cable with cable tester and make sure that the color coding during the punching is alright.

Make sure that your color coding of STP cable is as under.

Both connectors should be punched as this configuration.

1. White orange

2. Orange

3. White green

4. Blue

5. White blue

6. Green

7. Brown

8. White brown

Please re-punch your connectors.


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Error “Network Cable is Unplugged”


Hi Brad,

I've encountered that same issue couple of times already. I have some suggestions below, hope it helps.
1 . Check the cable connection and make sure that the Ethernet or USB connection is plugged in from the modem to the computer and secure by reseating (unplug and re-plug both ends of the cord).
2.) Make sure that you don't have both Ethernet and USB cable plugged in at the same time.
* If still no good, reboot devices (modem, router (if you have one) and computer).
3. ) Check Local Area Connection on the Computer
Steps for Win XP:
Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connection > right click on Local Area Connection for the NIC/ USB, if it shows disabled, you see an option to enable and click on it.
* If still no good, check Device Manager, Follow steps below:
Right click on my Computer Icon > Properties > select System Tab >Click on Device Manager > Click on the plus sign beside network adapters > right click on the Ethernet adapter and uninstall/reinstall it and adapter still show on the list.
* If its shows the same error "Network Cable Unplugged", you may need to try a different Ethernet cable to isolate the issue.
* If does the same thing with an alternate cable, it could be the port at the back of your modem or the port of your computer.

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