Two Internet Connections to expand my bandwidth

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Two Internet Connections to expand my bandwidth.

I have two internet connections connected in two LAN cards. As I am surfing on the internet, I observed that only the first connection was used.

I want them combined, that is why I subscribed to two ISP's to double my speed. Please give us your advice on how to configure it, to combine my bandwidth.


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Two Internet Connections to expand my bandwidth


Such a thing is possible but it can be very expensive. Some devices or some special routers can use two internet connections, at the same time. Such routers are often called load balancing. They don't allow higher bandwidth but spreading the tasks over two or more connections.

Similar is what big sites use, to balance between several connections or to stay up even if one of the internet connections they are using goes down.

Another problem is configuration, which is very complicated and not at all easy to adjust and set such load balancing routers and devices.

For us simple people, who do not have that high amount to spend for some special routers, at this time no right solution for this problem.

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