I need a messenger 2011 for linux .

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Hello experts,

How to get a free download of live msn messenger 2011 for Linux? I need a messenger 2011 for Linux. The last time I tried to download one I got some error in the installation process saying about compatibility measurements. And now I need to get some help from you to download the right one for Linux operating system.

Thank you.

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I need a messenger 2011 for linux .


Hi Melissa,

How are you?

I quite understand the situation you are in. Perhaps, many would say that Linux is the best operating system and Ubuntu as its best version.

It is true that there have been many application programs and software developed for this OS yet, those programs which were designed originally for Windows will have some compatibility issues when it is being tried to install in the different OS.

I have browsed a link where you can try to download and install the messenger. The page does provide you with the step by step process. Click the link.

Other option is to download another program that support live messenger. This link will provide you another messenger for live msn. Note that one drawback for this is that it does not support Camera. Click the link here.

I hope this helps you.

All the best,


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I need a messenger 2011 for linux .


Hi Mellisa,

MSN Live Messenger is originally developed for Windows and Mac platforms. There’s no official MSN Live messenger compatible with Ubuntu Linux. But there are some programs developed for Ubuntu Linux that you can use to log in to your MSN messenger account. One program is Emescene.

It’s a very simple and easy to use application. However the drawback of this program is that it doesn’t support video chatting. Here’s the link if you’re interested, Emescene the best Msn Messenger.

Another program you can use is aMSN, it is similar to Emescene but the advantage of it is that it supports video chatting. Here’s the link for it, aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone.

Now if you really want to use the MSN Live Messenger application itself, there’s a way to do it however it won’t be that easy.

You can refer to this link for the tutorial, tutorial MSN Live Messenger.

Hope this helps you Mellisa.

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