Advice on buying best digital Camera

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Any suggestions i need to know more about megapixel and SLR cameras and other stuff how they work can someone help me to decide.?

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Advice on buying best digital Camera


Well there many factors about buying a camera as asked about megapixel and slr let me clear you up about megapixel the higher the megapixel the higher the resolution of the image for example 5 megapixel gives around 2100X1800 resolution images the higher the better and about slr it is type of camera for professional picture taking they costs more they have more customizing options and with large zoom there other types like point and shoot cameras with cmos or ccd sensor.

if you want good camera for family pictures and traveling pictures then buy a point shoot camera above 10 mega pixels will be more than enough and about brands there many to choose from like Canon Sony,Nikon,Samsung go to the store choose what style fits better for you but if you want professional type pictures take slr camera which are also available by the brands like canon and Sony i think it helps you to decide to buy a camera

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Advice on buying best digital Camera


Well I suggest to buy canon pic-600 digital camera.

It has 12 megapixel camera with a high resolution.

By this camera you can experience the clarity of pictures.

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Advice on buying best digital Camera


The best digital camera is the one that meets your needs. When looking to buy a digital camera you won't be able to avoid making a decision about 'Megapixels'. The more Megapixels the higher the quality of the image. Most stores carry cameras ranging from 1 – 11 Megapixels.

Most digital cameras have optical zoom and digital zoom. Don't be fooled….it's optical zoom that produces the best picture quality. Look for a camera with optical zoom or a combination of the two. You can also buy add-on lenses to give you more flexibility.

Digital cameras use memory instead of film to store pictures. The memory is reusable, unlike film in a traditional camera. Low-end digital cameras will sometimes use built-in memory, however, most popular digital cameras use removable memory cards. Removable memory cards allow you to easily upgrade to handle more pictures. So if you plan to take a lot of pictures it may be a good idea to buy more memory for your camera. You can expect to pay less than a dollar per MB.

When researching prices for this digital camera buyers guide on the Internet I did a lot of price comparisons at the top online stores.



$30 – $199

GREAT FOR KIDS AND EMAILING. Simple, no LCD or Zoom, less than 1 Megapixel.

$199 – $499

SIMPLE POINT & SHOOT. Recommended for first time buyers. Great for email, websites and printing. 2-4 Megapixels.

$299 – $599

ADVANCED POINT & SHOOT. More manual settings to play with. 3-5 Megapixels.

$499 – $999

HOBBYISTS & ADVANCED AMATEUR. Popular category. Supports enlargements. 3-5 Megapixels.

$999 and up

PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL SLR. Film like performance, lens add-ons, highest quality. 5-11 Megapixels.

Digital Camera Buyers Guide and Tips Price Range Summary 

Digital cameras are tons of fun, you'll love sharing your favourite pictures. I hope you found this useful….good luck with your buying!

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