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I am trying to reinstall windows XP on an HP Compaq nx6320, The setup process halts and says that it can not find HDD. The HDD is fine because I have used a third party HDD partition/check program and has worked fine. It is a SATA drive connection. So what can i do?

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Good Day,

Kindly check if your hard disk can be seen or can recognized to BIOS/CMOS Setup. If yes, you can proceed installing your Windows XP however make sure your first boot sequence is set to CD/DVD Drive and place your Windows installer when laptop starts to boot up.

Then it will boot from the CD installer and it is very important to read and carefully follow Windows Setup Wizard in order to have a successful installation. If BIOS/CMOS Setup cannot recognized your hard disk, you need to replace your hard disk because it is defective or make sure that your hard disk is properly connected to your laptop. LhenP

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It is really sure that your hard drive is working and detected by your BIOS setup up. The question here is you have partition your hard disk drive. How did you partition your hard disk drive? What kind or type of partition have you used to partition the drive? Is it FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, FAT12, XENIX, HPFS, EXFAT?

Some of this partition doesn’t recognize in Windows XP installation disk. For the solution, remove all partitions you have made in your hard disk drive then boot on your Windows XP installation disk. Let windows manage the partition, just provide the partition size. This will help you to avoid unrecognized partition in your hard disk drives. Third party partitioning software is for advance users only.

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Windows XP installation disks are expected to not detect SATA drives because ‘unmodified’ Windows XP installers don’t have drivers for SATA hard drives, so these drives won’t be detected by the system. To remedy this, you can have SATA drivers downloaded and saved on a floppy disk drive or a thumb drive and when the  installer looks for the drive, point it to the drivers so that it can install the drivers and detect the hard drive. You can also have the SATA operation set to PATA, this should allow the installation disk to detect the hard drive.
Thank you. Hope it helps.
Clair june

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Hi Kahmed,

Please start your computer and start to press Del button from keyboard. It will redirect you into your bios option. Now, go to boot option and then check is your hard disk showing or not. If it then break your all partitions and try to make partitions again and then install windows there.