How to install multiple OSs on one PC

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I would like to make a PC with several Operating Systems in it as a minimum Linux, and Windows (not sure which Windows version yet). It's going to be a little database and web server because I'm going to use the device for programming with open/free source tools.

I have a PC where I use Fedora, and some of my friends are using Ubuntu.

Which allocation should I use?

Please help.


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How to install multiple OSs on one PC


Hi Jgulliver,

You can install as many OS you want to install on the system, if you really want to install all the OS and if you don't want to restart the system again and again you can try using Virtual box or VMWARE plays you can then VMware player on 

It is around 104 MB file you can easily install it on windows 7 and in it you can install win XP or Ubuntu, it will create the virtual computer and you will be able to use many OS on the same system without shutting down the system. 

However the speed of the computer and performance will be a little bit slower.

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How to install multiple OSs on one PC


To install multiple OSs on one PC you have to follow these steps:

1. Select the OSs you want to install.

2. Format your hard drive completely.

3. Now install the OSs in ascending order of their versions.


If you are about to install WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS VISTA and WINDOWS XP.

Install them like in this order:

1. Install Windows 98 first, then

2. Install windows XP, then

3. Install windows VISTA, then

4. Install windows 7 at last.

This is the ascending order of version.

If you do it in any other way you can't install many OSs.

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How to install multiple OSs on one PC


Thanks Udaydeep.

I followed your steps and was successful in installing the OSs. I installed Linux first before installing Windows XP and Windows 7.

Abdulhadishhaikh was right though, the computer is running a bit slower now. 

I think I might upgrade my system. 

Thank you again. 

Thanks TechyV.

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