I have a problem with memory leaks

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It seems i never have enough resources to use applications on my computer. At first they run normally but after 20, 30 minutes everything runs much slower. For example with winamp open and Mozilla (with 4 tabs) i can barely switch to winamp after running for 20 minutes.

I have a Intel Celeron 1,7 Ghz, 2 Gb of Ram DDR2 and a 400 GB HDD 5400 rpm.

What can check or do to solve this.

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I have a problem with memory leaks


Resource monitoring can help to solve your problem

Look up for all processes and programs that are mounted , up and running. Few programs which has memory leaks in their softwares will utilize all the memory and finally OS dies. Just keep on monitoring the memory leakage from Task Manager of your system if it is windows or if it is Linux use System-monitor utility and find the leaking software and uninstall it or report the error to the concerned.

You can use McAfee AV program also to find the memory leaks

And if the above doesn't work do the below to do a trail
Reinstall or update DirectX may help just an opinion
Try online virus scan like trendmicro.com, can be faulty with RA chip, try using another RAM chip.



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I have a problem with memory leaks


It can be a cause of virus program that can stuck your PC or may be your RAM become full and it can not store any further data so in this case you can reduce your RAM or you can check that which process is taking most of your computer recourses and then can remove it from the list to do this you need to press ALT + CTRL + DEL and under processes check that which process is taking most of resources and then end this process. But to make your memory available you need to remove this program permanently from  the computer and this will solve your problem.

It may be a registry program or a virus program so once you find it then remove it and make your system free you can also run a full scan to your computer for this purpose. And i hope you will get the maximum resources of your computer.

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