How can I increase Virtual memory?

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What is Virtual Memory and how it be increased? Please suggest.

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How can I increase Virtual memory?



Virtual Memory is the concept of using the Hard disk space, for temporary storage of running programs.

The virtual page size can be changed depending on user requirement, if there is free space available on C drive or the drive, where the Operating system is installed.

To change the virtual memory space, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Control Panel.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Choose Advanced option.
  4. Under the Performance tab, choose Settings.
  5. Open Advanced under Performance option.
  6. Under the Virtual Memory tab, click on Change.
  7. Uncheck the option “Automatically manage the Paging file size for all drives”.
  8. Under the custom size, in the Initial field, enter the required size in MB. For 1 GB virtual memory, set it as 1024.
  9. Under the maximum size, again enter the number (e.g. 2048 MB) for a virtual memory of size 2GB.
  10. Now click on SET and then OK. Now restart the computer to set it for the desired virtual memory changes.

Hope this helps.


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How can I increase Virtual memory?


Virtual Memory is a paging file that uses a certain area in the hard disk that can be use as extension of RAM. It serves as an extension of your computer's memory space and it can be manually changed or you can let WINDOWS specify its automatic settings. 

Here are the steps is changing and allocating Virtual Memory settings:

1. Press the Windows LOGO key + Pause Break on your keyboard simultaneously

2. System Properties will pop-up, ( click on "Advance")

3. Click on "Performance"

4. Performance Option will pop-up, ( click on "Advance")

5. Click on "Change", under the "Virtual Memory" box at the bottom.

6. Choose what drive that you want to change the Virtual Memory, ex. drive C or drive D

7. Put a bubble in the "Custom Size" , and set your desired amount of memory to be used as paging file.

    Initial Size:  ________________

    Maximum Size:______________

    Note: The Initial size should not exceed the amount of your Maximum size and the amount should be put in your Initial size                  should not exceed your total amount of hard drive space.

    Trick:  The amount of your Initial size and the amount of your Maximum size should be the same for better performance.

     Example:  Initial Size = 1000mb

                        Maximum Size = 1000mb

8. click on "Set"

9. click on "Ok"

10. Restart your computer to apply your changes.

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