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I am having a problem, first; when watching DVD on my computer, I can’t get the DVD to display. Is there any subtitle for DVD in order to show display on my computer? It works fine when watching DVD which is hooked up to a TV, but not on the computer. I have attempted to use two (2) different computers, three (3) different player applications & some different movies. Does anybody knows what’s wrong with this?

Second: Is there any solution to break the subtitles from a DVD into some sort of a text file?

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Hello Leishalynn,

If the DVD can play when you are using the TV and it is able to display the subtitles but it cannot do the same when you play it using the computer, then I guess you are required to enable the subtitle setting which could be disabled in the players that you are using.

I will advise that you look for the subtitle setting panel which should possibly be found under the player settings and the enable the subtitles. Like in the player I am using, you will find the subtitles as the image below directs you, so just look for the settings in your player and enable them.



Mahesh Babu

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The optical drives installed on those computers, are those DVD drives? Perhaps the reason why the computer is unable to read the DVD's data is because it can't and it doesn't have the capability. However, if the optical drives that you tried were capable of reading DVD data, then it's likely that the media players that you used were incapable of reading the data. Try using VLC media player. It supports a vast collection of formats and should be able to play your DVD movies. If you'd like to extract subtitles from DVDs, you need a program like SubRip or AVIDemux.