No driver for my Ethernet card

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My situation is as such: I have just formatted my computer, got Windows XP with the right security key. The system runs good. But when I want to connect to the internet, I notice my Ethernet slot which is on board on the motherboard is not installed. The driver is not available to me on CD. It was lost long time back.

I have tried the install automatically from the Hardware installation dialog box with option “Yes, connect to the Internet” but I guess the issue stays same since the connection cannot be established. Obviously, the essential chip for modem communication to the web is not installed; nothing will be able to have it connect to the net, not even Windows. Also what is the most striking is that Windows XP does not have the driver to install the device automatically!

I looked into the list of devices but could not find a matching one for the Ethernet card. Also no onboard device drivers were available.

The Ethernet slot where I connect the internet cable reads Gigabit. But since I have no internet connection at home, I cannot get the net to look for the correct driver.

I am looking for a good advice on how to achieve getting the correct driver to my place and where to get the correct driver?

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No driver for my Ethernet card


You can search the internet for downloading the correct driver for your Ethernet card. If you don’t have internet at your home you can go to any internet cafe and download the driver for your Ethernet card. You can visit the website of the manufacturer of your Ethernet card for downloading the driver. You can search for the driver with the model number that is compatible with XP operating system. You can also search the internet using Google for downloading the driver for the Ethernet. After downloading the driver you can copy it in a pen drive or a CD for installing it on your computer.

You can insert the pen drive or your CD containing the driver for the Ethernet card into your computer. You can open the pen drive or CD in my computer and then double click on the driver file for installing it. You can follow the instructions that are displayed on your computer screen to install the driver successfully on your computer.

If the driver was successfully installed then you will be able to see it in the device manager of your computer. For opening the device manager on your computer you can right click on the my computer icon on the desktop and select properties from it. Then you can select the device manager option. The device manager will contain all the installed devices on your computer. You can see the adapter for your Ethernet under the network adapters list.

If your Ethernet card was successfully installed then you will see it there. You can also update the driver for your Ethernet card. For that you can right click on the adapter and then select the update adapter. This will update the driver software for your adapter. After installing or updating your driver for Ethernet you can restart your computer to make the changes affected. Please make sure to uninstall any Ethernet old drivers before installing your new driver. Gigabit driver can be found in the intel’s website. You can search in Google with this name.

If you want to uninstall any old Ethernet driver before installing the new one you can open the device manager of your computer and select the old Ethernet driver and then right click on it. Then you can select the uninstall option this will un install the driver from your computer. After that you can install your new driver on your computer. If after installing the driver you can try to connect to the internet, if you are not still able to connect then the problem can be also due to hardware.

Please check your modem by connecting to another computer .If you are able to connect to internet using other computer then you are sure that the modem does not have any problem, and if your modem does not have any problem then the problem could be due to the hardware problem of your Ethernet card. You can give the computer to the authorized service center of your computer manufacturer for servicing it.

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No driver for my Ethernet card


Hi Willy,

  • It’s much easier if you just mention the manufacturer and the model of your LAN card,
  • Anyway, if you don’t know what model your LAN card is then download this hardware detector,
  • After you install the program just open the program and, you can navigate all the hardware stored in your PC including your LAN card. Now that you know the model of your LAN card you can now search the internet for the driver.
  • I give you the link where you can find the right driver for your LAN card, here is the link,
  • Just create a free account and you can search for your driver.

Good luck,

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