I am having Problem with my monitor

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Hi Experts,

I have a 17" monitor that's 5 years old and have been facing different issues. Sometimes there is no display and sometimes there is a lot of lines which affects me from working.

It display looks like shuttling up and down which happens when there is low power.

I have checked these.

1. Power supply watts is fine

2. Earthing is fine

Thanks in advance for the help

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I am having Problem with my monitor



There are 3 things you should know why  your LCD monitor does not function well.

First and foremost let me tell you that an LCD monitor fails when it is about 5- 7 years old. This may be one of the reasons why your monitor is acting differently. And replacement is the only solution to it.

Second, the backlight of an LCD is  first thing that breaks, and this may be the cause of your problem why there are no display on it.. And when the backlight breaks everything can go awry.

The lines that appear on your monitor may be a hardware fault and there are no solution on it. There is a need for you to replace it.

Lastly, When there is shuttling up and down, there may be an error on LCD ribbon connector cable and this can be repaired. You just need to replace the ribbon connector cable.

Order from the OEM manufacturer and replace it yourself. It is located under the left-side hinge. It is not easy but it is certainly cheaper than replacing the entire display. Or you may ask help to an authorize computer repair center to have them replace for you.

I hope this might help you.


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I am having Problem with my monitor


Do you have a discrete video card? If you do, and if your motherboard also has an integrated video card, try using the integrated video card and see if the problem is the same. If it's fixed, you need to replace your discrete video card. If it's still present then try using a known to be working signal cable, that is, if the one that you have connected to the monitor is detachable.

If not, just disconnect the monitor from the computer tower and see if there's anything on the screen. If there's a message like 'No Signal' or anything like that written on the screen but the lines are still present, then you have defective monitor. Otherwise, you can try updating your drivers.

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