I can’t proceed to import my file in KeePass

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Hi Everyone,

Here I go again have some problem with KeePass when already done the developing data in archiving management system made and have to import the other file on my program created. I was wondering why I can’t proceed to import my file were other files can be import. What wrong with my KeePass accessing with my program created?

Can guide me with this problem. Thanks in advance for helping!

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Importing/exporting data from/to KDB files is only supported on Windows (because a library is

Please use a different file format for migrating your data.

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I can’t proceed to import my file in KeePass


Hallo Harvi,

If you can use keepass to import other files successfully except for one that you are saying, then the problem could be with the files itself and not keepass.

You should check if you have set any security credentials on the file that prevents it from being imported and change that in case you find any. Also check the format that the file is in, because it may be in a formatted that cannot be imported using keepass.

But in case the problem is with keepass, it will be in the settings and you will have to check and verify that.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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