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Something left behind from pocket map pro is coming up with this error message when trying to install a new piece of software called “Missing Sync”. Why is this error message appearing?

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What is your operating system? Windows, mac or Linux? This are important for a better solution. However, when your missing sync failed to install and show something error like you have to face now, please delete something from your system which I given below-

"/Library/Application Support/EltimaSyncMate/"
"/Library/Application Support/EltimaSyncMate/"

If still the error continue you can visit this website-

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Follow these procedure to see if it works: open the library, click on preferences, open system configuration.

Delete the network interfaces and restart your computer and Check here

While you are trying to install “Missing Sync. "remember that some viruses come in form of error messages.

There could also be an error during the downloading process.

Visit here to learn more.