Hp 3050 USB unknown error occurred.

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Hello Experts,

Hp 3050 USB unknown error occurred. When I tried to setup the laser jet hp 3050 printer there is an error occurred and it came up to the computer USB unknown error. How can I fix this problem can you give me some diagram all illustration that can possibly help me in setting up this tool?

Thank you.

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Hp 3050 USB unknown error occurred.


Hi, Good day! There some reasons why this issue happen.

  • Printer driver is not yet install in the computer. Before connecting the printer in the computer, be sure that you already install the printer driver.
  • Printer driver is not installed properly. Sometimes during our installations we did not notice some fluctuations of electric currents or some conflicts in the computer if these errors occur try to re-install the printer driver.
  • HP printer may sometimes lose its connection and stop working when printing in the USB ports (This only occurs in Windows XP). Sometimes the USB power hubs are disabling because of power management functionality in Windows XP.

To prevent this you need to do these steps:

  • Go to the icon of 'My computer' right click select 'properties'
  • Then click hardware tab and select device manager button.
  • Right click the USB controller to expand it.
  • Right Click USB root, then click 'properties'
  • Select the Power management and de-select the phrase that says ""Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
  • Ok. Then close.

I hope these helps. Thanks.


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Hp 3050 USB unknown error occurred.


Hello Kathryn,

Since you are still in the process of setting up the printer, there are a couple of things to consider.

– Make sure to connect the printer cable directly to the PC USB Port, plug-in at the back of the PC (if possible). avoid plugging into a USB Hub or extender.

– Since Laser printer does require enough power, plug the printer power cord directly to the wall and NOT to a surge protector to avoid power issues.

– You can also try to unplug all USB devices connected to your PC during setting up the printer. anyway, you can plug them back after successful setup.




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