How to set up email correctly in iPhone

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I cannot send an email from my iPhone but I can receive emails without a problem. I called my Internet service provider and I did not get any help at all. They referred me to several bunches of people who also don't know and understand my situation and what is going on.

What is the right process to configure my iPhone to send and receive mails?

You experts are my only chance.

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How to set up email correctly in iPhone



I also faced this problem when I bought an iPhone. Now this problem solved. Here you are not clearly mentioning that how your iPhone connected with internet. Is it through mobile SIM card or through WiFi network of your office /Home as well. Also which E-mail service you are using from your iPhone. I think you are getting mail from your office server.

So, the problem is your office server is not allowed using SMTP server from another network. That’s why you cannot send any mail from an iPhone. Here I am giving you a simple solution. Please apply this to your iPhone. Hope you will get the solution. I hope you have a Gmail address.

Please open your iPhone and go to the E-mail settings and now go to SMTP settings. Now please put.

Outgoing server name:

Username: [email protected] (user means your Gmail user).

Password: password (Gmail Password).

Then please on SSL then.

Please change the SMTP port to 465.

Now save and start sending mail.


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How to set up email correctly in iPhone



To configure the email client on your iPhone you do not need to fill any of the ports all the port numbers will be filled automatically when you add up email follow the following step click on the mail icon < select the client (Gmail, yahoo, AOL) < then enter your email and password now your phone is configured with the email. If you have problems with sending email then check the outgoing mail section is properly setup or not for this go to mail settings and tap the account for which you want to check.

If your outgoing mail section allows you to add up port no then add the port no 587 (the port numbers will be different for all email clients ) if your ISP is blocking port 25 after knowing the outgoing mail section it requires authentication for this use the advanced settings of mail and make sure that SSL is on for outgoing mail server.

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