Internet connection doesn’t work anymore

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My computer is in the repair shop and won't be fixed until next week. So I bought a new desktop computer so that I can finish my online job and projects. I am currently working on an article and I need a lot of web researching. So I plugged my computer to my modem and turned it on. But it doesn't show any internet access, unlike my other computer. The computer I bought is exactly the same one in the repair shop. What should I do?

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Internet connection doesn’t work anymore


Hi Dear,

It's seems that your new computer is not configured with the internet connection. If you don't know the configuration then please call the Internet service people to fix up your internet connection. Or call them and ask that is there any settings or not. I hope there is an IP setting. Sometimes it set as automatic IP. So that not need to any configuration. Just plug and play. So please check below steps.

1. Double click Local area connection from right side corner at your start bar then click properties, then select TCP/IP settings and then click properties again.  Now see the picture and follow accordingly.

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Internet connection doesn’t work anymore


Follow this steps:

Click start.> Control Panel> Network Connections

Then you can see a LAN/ Local Area Network.(note:If there is no computer icon it means you  need to install your Internet driver).

BUT, if you see that there is an icon. 

Make sure that all wires are connected

(for example, make sure your modem is connected to a working phone jack or cable connection,

either directly or through a router)

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Internet connection doesn’t work anymore


Hi VirginiaBitt!

There are possible reasons why your computer isn’t going online.  So there’s a lot of checking to do.

First, it could be that your computer is not synchronized with your modem.  Have you tried doing a power cycle? To power cycle, you need to turn off your PC then your modem.  After about a minute, turn your modem first, wait until the lights go stable then turn on your PC.  If all lights are lit then try to check if it can go online, but if the lights are not lighted up maybe you got a busted modem so you need to contact your ISP for that.

Second, if the modem’s lights are lit try checking LAN status if it is saying limited or no connectivity then it means it is not getting a valid IP from your modem or maybe there are configurations from your ISP that needs to be setup on your new PC.  Different ISPs have different configurations.  So contacting your ISP would also be the key solution to this problem.

Third, it could be that the LAN card on your PC is not properly installed or maybe your LAN card is disabled.  On the system tray of your PC, there should be an icon for LAN, if there’s none you can go to Control Panel, click on Network and Internet Connection, then click on Network Connection.  If there is no LAN connection, it means that the LAN card is not installed or maybe it is not detected by your PC.  In this case, you need to contact your computer manufacturer.

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