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I have a file which I downloaded from internet and it has a extension of xml. Do you guys any idea about which software to 

use to open the file?Please help me with this.

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Hey Spencer Reynoso!

.XML file stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). Normally .XML file can be open in default program. For example, double click on .XML and let the file decide which software is better for it to open. If it doesn’t open by whichever software, just right click on it and choose “open with” and select your internet browser. If you want to edit .XML file, then you can use software like Notepad++ or dremviewer. Basically to store and to transport the data, XML is used. If you know more about you can visit the link below.


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XML are encoded data files in a format that is both computer and human readable. The best approach will be to use default windows application and let the OS decide itself which application to run.

·         These files can also be opened using spreadsheet loader software. You can use Microsoft Excel 2007 or later version to open, edit or modify such files.

·         You can also use conversion techniques. Open the file using some default program and then choose some other format to save as.