How to Modify Drive Letters in Windows 7

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I have got two hard disk drives and each one has a capacity of 40 GB. And also, each one has just one partition form NTFS.

The first HDD has Windows 7 installed on it and Drive C: is the default partition.

The second HDD is for storing some important data’s and Drive D: is the default partition.

I posted the screenshot below:

If you can notice, the first HDD with Windows 7 has no more available space. So I purchased a new 500 GB hard disk drive again. I divided it into two partitions with 250 GB each. The drives for the two partitions are drive G: and Z:. I used Acronis and attempt to copy the entire content of my first HDD (the one has run out of the space) to the G (Active and Primary) on the latest HDD (500 GB). I closed the first HDD and left the second HDD. Now I booted the computer using my new 500GB HDD. When I used windows Manager Section to modify the drive letter for latest HDD (G to C), it cannot modify the Drive Letter. I get the following error message:

Virtual Disk Manager

The parameter is incorrect.

How can I modify the drive letter to C from G?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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How to Modify Drive Letters in Windows 7



I will try to guide you through the problem to the solution.

What has happened here is that the old drive is registered as the system drive(C:) and the system is not allowing you to replace that. If you are saying that even the system storage manager would not allow to change the name letter then its a big error. You can go for one of the following options:

1. Backup up your files in to one of the partitions of the new HDD (not the system one). Format your computer completely as in using the dos format . DO NOT format the partition having the backup. Reinstall operating system using the new hdd intact while the old one is not connected. This is a tedious and long time process (upto 5-6 hours) but the result is sure and optimum.

2. you could use a third party software like mini partition tool .These softwares override the system jurisdictions and perform the work specified. The result is not obvious but there is no harm in trying as it is a fast process.

Hope this helps you,

Good luck

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How to Modify Drive Letters in Windows 7


For better understanding let me explain in detail on how did you arrived to this error: "THE PARAMETER IS INCORRECT". I tried changing drive letter on my own computer to examine and analyze the root cause of this problem. Solution is tested and genuine.

Problem occurred when you just installed new drive without disabling the old one that also has own Operating System.

"Windows" will always detect the Boot loader of "Drive:C" which is your Old drive, that was known and originally introduced to your computer. What happened was when you installed new drive with new OS, Boot loader file remains from your old Drive which windows still acknowledge, while your computer running in your new OS in your new Drive.

You can change your Drive G to C from your new 500GB Drive, only if you will disable the old drive. How?


1. Physically remove your Old drive that is currently name as Drive:C from your computer. If this is already removed expect that your OS “Drive :G” won’t work anymore because Boot loader bridging from old drive will not be detected.

2. Re-install new OS on your new drive (Clean installation needed). Windows will detect your new drive as Drives C and D as default.



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How to Modify Drive Letters in Windows 7



Very informative and easy to follow troubleshoot to fix my problem. I appreciate your help.

Thank you so much. All drivers are working well now.

Good job..

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How to Modify Drive Letters in Windows 7


Hi Betty Lodge

Check out this Techyv post too because here you will get  some idea which will clear your issue regarding changing the drive letter of your drive inside (Windows 7).

How to modify the Drive Letter Windows 7 OS

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