How to modify the Drive Letter Windows 7 OS

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I have found two HDDs both in 40 GB size, and both have just one partition type NTFS. One of is for Windows 7 OS and it is named C (Primary Active) and the other one is for data and it is named D as showed in the snapshot:

two HDDs both in 40 GB size

I finished all the free space of the HDD that has windows 7 OS (Drive C). I purchased a new HDD 500 GB and separated it into two partitions. The size of each one is 250 GB, one is G and another is Z. Then I tried to use Acronis and I tried to copy the whole HDD Drive C (the one has run out of the space) to the G (Active and Primary) on the latest HDD (500 GB).

I also tried to unplug HDD C (40 GB) and left HDD D (40 GB). By using new HDD (500 GB), now I could boot the computer. When I used Windows Manager part to modify the drive letter for HDD (G to C) by following the process below:

In Windows 7 OS, how to modify the Drive Letter? I cannot modify Drive Letter. I get the following error message:

The parameter is incorrect

The parameter is incorrect.

How can I alter the drive letter to C from G?
Need your help. Thanks in advance.

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How to modify the Drive Letter Windows 7 OS

The error "Parameter is incorrect" is shown because currently the drive is in use.I have written some steps below which will clear your issue regarding changing the drive letter of tour drive inside (Windows 7).
Just follow these simple steps:
1. Right click on the Computer and select Manage for opening and accessing Computer Management Console.
2. Navigate to and expand the Storage section, and click on the Disk Management to access Disk Management Console.
3. Disk Management Console will display the details of all available volumes and all your disk drives in the computer configuration in the right pane.
4. Right click on the volume or the disk drive that you wish to change the drive letter, and then select “Change Drive Letter and Paths.
5. Then go click on “Change” button.
6. Use the drop down list for selecting the new and your desired drive letter for assigning to the disk volume.
7. Click on OK and Click Yes to confirm.
Change Drive Letters Paths
I have attached a screenshot.
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How to modify the Drive Letter Windows 7 OS


Technically, you can change it, but, it will mess up the OS because the OS is looking for all its system files in say the C: partition (or whatever drive letter it is currently), and can't find them, because the drive letter's been changed. It will mess up the OS, and you'll need to either change the drive letter (from the command prompt, booted from the W7 DVD), or reinstall it.

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How to modify the Drive Letter Windows 7 OS


Thank you so much Lesten Pasio! I followed the steps you gave and it worked! I went to the Computer Management Console and change the assigned disk drive. Thank you very much! You made my life easier!

Thanks TechyV!

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