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How can I make roboform for ubuntu work? I used to have windows and this other operating system is new to me. I’m used to using it as my password manager tool and at this point I don’t have much time to test other options available and do a brand new installation

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Hi David,

As we all know, the full version of ROBOFORM would work by default on Firefox but in a windows operating system only.

If you really want ROBOFORM in your UBUNTU you can use the RoboForm Lite Standalone Extension still on Firefox in Ubuntu. This version is a pure Firefox extension and does not require the regular ROBOFORM installed.

Also this version is totally free.

Version 2.1.0 includes new features like

  • Create/Edit/Save of the Bookmarks.
  • Edit of local Identities.
  • Manual Save operation of the current document fields.
  • Reset/Clear fields commands.
  • Disjoint Logins/Bookmarks in UI (can be joined together in Options).
  • Disjoint Identity/Contact in UI (context menu disjointed also).

Hope this helps!

Click to here to download.

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Hi David,

Below you can find 3 alternative solutions:

1. If you intend to keep RoboForm there are some ways to make it work also in Ubuntu. For example you can get the Roboform Lite extension for Google Chrome at the below link :

The above link provides detailed explanation on how to install the extension and what features it covers. 

2. You can choose an alternative to RoboForm if you are looking for a password manager (I would suggest this) :

KeePassX - Download link is here

This program can be installed on any Linux platform. 

3. You can install the KeePass Plug-in for Firefox or Google Chrome browsers in Ubuntu. It covers the same features as RoboForm regarding the password manager. 



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RoboForm can only be used on Ubuntu by installing its extension for your web browser. This, of course comes with some feature tradeoff; but it sure serves its basic purpose of being a password manager.

Three browsers that have an extension  to enable the use of RoboForm on Ubuntu are:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Download the RoboForm Lite Password manager

2. Google Chrome

Download RoboForm Lite for Google Chrome

3. Opera

Download RoboForm for Opera on Linux