Android app to help with translation

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Hello experts,

I am looking for an android app that would translate a word just by pointing on it. I frequently see French words in English articles and I would like to get English translation of such word by hovering over them.  Any suggestion about such an app?

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Android app to help with translation


"Touch translator" does all the work for you. Just turn it on by selecting the checkbox in the application, and copy the word from any application to get translation from your favorite dictionary. Get the translation of words from the pdf reader (recommended application is Adobe reader), browser, email, sms and other applications. It's so easy now!


1) Make sure that you have installed from Google Play one of the supported dictionaries.

2) Install "Touch translator".

3) Open the installed application and select "Turn on touch translating".

4) To get translation, select the word, and then click "copy". "Touch translator" will automatically open your dictionary with the translation of the word.

5) When the translation is not necessary, switch off "Turn on touch translating" checkbox.

Supported dictionaries:

1) Aard Dictionary

2) Aedict

3) Fine Dictionary Offline

4) Fora Dictionary

5) Google Translate

6) GoldenDict Free

7) GoldenDict

8) LEO dictionary

9) Offline dictionaries

10) Offline dictionaries, pro

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