How I can fix empty control panel issue?

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I hope everybody here is fine! My name is Hassy and I am here to find solution for an issue (which is being faced by me). I have IBM machine and there is windows XP SP2 installed on it. My computer has got an empty control panel (I don’t know why?). I mean to say that whenever I open the control panel from my computer or even from start menu it appears blank.

There is nothing in my control panel (e. g. icons, label etc) and due to this issue I am not been able to do monitoring of my pc. To solve this problem I have done lot of things including Google search etc but none of them has helped me in this case so far.

To fix this particular issue, at first I totally cleaned my windows boot root but even after doing so nothing happen in my favor and the problem is still with my PC. Then my second attempt was in shape of running my window in safe mode but it also neither worked for me. I also tried updating windows components but failed to solve this problem. The conclusion is, I have tried all formulas which are being clicked by my mind but not any of them declared enough useful to get me out of this issue.

Now, I am in desperate need of urgent help and I am openly asking for it here.

Well, I really want to know immediately “How I can fix empty control panel issue?”

I am here and waiting for your suggestion badly. Any suggestion should be highly appreciated by me.


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How I can fix empty control panel issue?


This is quite a predicament that you have. Control Panel Icons does not normally disappear from a system unless you’ve configured the system to hide such icons or you were infected by Malware/Virus. This can also be caused by a glitch on the system when you installed/uninstalled a program, or by just simply shutting the system down incorrectly.

You may try some of the solutions that I will be listing below that might be able to fix your problem.

1. Try System Restore. (Since you have not indicated in your post that you also tried this, this would be on top of my list). Take note however that when you do system restore, try using the date that you know your computer was still working fine with all the icons in control panel present, e. g. if you noticed that the problem start around April 6, then you might want to try restoring your computer back to a previous state using any date before April 6th.

2. Alternatively, turning off system restore my also work as it worked for two of my friends that are having the same problem as you are.

3. You might want to also try turning off or even removing your anti-virus program from your system. A certain version of Norton was known to have been causing a lot of problem with the functionalities of the operating system, including the control panel.

4. In case of a possible virus infection, run a virus scan on the system. Since you already know how to get into safe mode, do a complete virus scan in safe mode. I suggest using Malwarebytes, Super Anti-Spyware and also Hitman Pro.

5. In the event that after doing all the above solution and it still does not work, then I suggest trying to run the programs that’s located in control panel individually via the “Run” box. Just click on “Start” > click on “Run” > type the name of the program and click on “ok”. Below is the list of control panel applets that you might need:

System Properties = sysdm.cpl

Network Connections = ncpa.cpl

Display Properties = desk.cpl

Add or remove programs = appwiz.cpl

Internet Properties = Inetcpl.cpl

Game Controllers = joy.cpl

Phone and modem Options = telephon.cpl

Time and Date Properties = timedate.cpl

Region and Language Options = intl.cpl

Power Options = powercfg.cpl

Mouse Properties = main.cpl

Accessibility Options = access.cpl

Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl

Sound and Audio Devices = mmsys.cpl

User Accounts = nusrmgr.cpl

Speech Properties = sapi.cpl

If everything works out fine, then proceed to solution number 6 since solution 5 is just a work-around and does not return the applets in the control panel windows.

6. Edit the Registry. Again, go back to the “Run” command box and type in “regedit” (without the quotes) and press “OK”. Once in the registry editor, just focus on the left side of the windows first and click on the following folders – HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > don’t load. Once you have highlighted “don’t load” take a look at the right side and you should see a couple of entries. Delete everything on the right side, and restart your computer. This should normally bring all the applets back to your control panel window.

7. If you are reading this solution, then the 6th solutions did not work for you. In any case, we need to check the user policy if it has been changed. Changing a user policy can actually hide, or hinder a user from using the control panel. To check the group policy, navigate back to the “Run” box and type in “gpedit.msc” and hit “OK”. Once under the group policy, click on the following folders that’s located on the left side of the window : User Configuration > Control Panel.

Next, on the right pane of the window you will see four items that has something to do with the control panel window starting with “Prohibit Access to the Control Panel”. For all 4 items, make sure they are either “Not Configured” or Disabled”. If anyone of those are “Enabled”, just double click on the item and change it to either “Not Configured” or Disabled”, then click on “Apply”, and then “OK”. Restart you computer. You should have corrected the problem with your control panel after following these solutions.

Good Luck and hope I am able to help you out with your problem!
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How I can fix empty control panel issue?


Hello Hassy,

I have read your post and i feel that you are an advanced user of computer since you have did some of the troubleshooting that are absolutely correct.

And am here to guide you through some more steps which i hope that may solve this Empty Control Panel problem.

So lets begin here.

The point of failure here would be:

  • A virus.
  • An Incomplete Update or Installation.
  • Accidental Modification of any important system settings.
  • The operating system corrupted.

The Possible Solutions for this problem will be:

  • Running a complete scan on Your computer with the help of Anti Virus Software.
  • Try to update the Operating system Online.
  • Try to check out the Settings that may tend to be the root cause.
  • Revert back your computer to the last Known good Configuration through system restore option.
  • Or take a data back up and try to Run a repair Installation Using the Operating System Disk.

Lets go to the First Type. Running a complete scan on the computer.

  • If you have an anti virus software try to run a complete scan and Heal all vulnerabilities that where found. Because most of the time the virus and malware are the ones that cause this problem where are manual troubleshooting would never work for them. Using a good Anti virus against them would solve the problem .

Step 2:

  • Try updating the Operating system from Microsoft Website for the latest update that are available for Windows XP.
  • Make Sure the Update is completed successfully. After the Update restart the computer and then go to control panel and check it whether the problem is solved.

If not go to step 3:

Here you need to go to the control panel properties window and check whether the Icons are got Hidden by any settings. If found yes try to revert it back.

Check about whether you are able to see the Left Side of the control Panel. Mostly i agree that answer is no from reading your post. But if yes click on Other Control panel Options. I have also Displayed an example Image for your continence.

Control panel Options new look
  • I agree this step wont do much since you have said that its totally empty.

Step 4:

  • I would like to suggest you a software that would fix this problem at once. That is TweakUI Program.
  • Download TweakUI at
  • Kindly download the one which is recommended for XP OS that you have in your computer. Then install Tweak UI program. Once it is been installed then, you may select or Deselect the Options that are to be displayed and not to be displayed as per your choice.
  • The TweakUI looks Similar to the Image posted below. Where you can Select the options that you wish to be displayed on control panel.
Deselect the Options to be displayed

  I assure One hundred percent this will solve the problem but in case if not then the only option available is to go ahead and start a repair installation with the operating system disk. Before that kindly backup your data from your computer. For images on how to Run a repair install with OS Disk you can Google it and download the pictures and take a print out. Then its better describes on how to do it.

But before doing a repair installation try to do a system restore if you are sure about the date when the system was working fine. However for system restore even Kindly take a data backup before starting it.

So finally i hope we are done. And i hope that the solution i have provided have resolved the problem.

Have a good day. Enjoy Computing.


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