My PC suddenly turns off

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I had this problem since the other day and still looking for ways to solve this. I hope I came into the right site to give me a good advice with my problem.

I used to open many programs, such as Online Games, music player, browsing and chatting, but now my PC turns off suddenly. One thing that came up to my mind is overheat, so I tried opening the side cover of the CPU and put my electric fan in front and leave it for few hour. 
Then I turned on the PC again, at first everything goes well and I opened only online game, but then the PC shuts down "again". And based in my observation everything works fine, the fan works, no errors or blue screen, the problem is just when turning it on it suddenly shut down. Sometimes it could reach loading completely the windows and rarely it won't reach loading and shuts down.
I haven't tried touching anything in the components. I badly need advice.
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My PC suddenly turns off


A computer suddenly turns off due to several reasons which may be a result of electrical short or a serious hardware concern. It is not easy to immediately detect the main cause of the problem, so it is important for you to perform logical troubleshooting procedures to spot the issue. Here are the most basic yet very helpful steps that you can follow:

1. Always make sure that the power supply voltage switch is set correctly. Depending on your country, the power supply’s input voltage has its proper setting. The wrong setting causes the computer to turn off on its own.

2. Take the time to check for electrical shorts inside your computer as it is most often the reason for a computer to shut down before completely turning on. It is very important to detect simple electrical short instead of replacing more costly hardware components later on.

3. Power supply testing is also very important since it is most likely causing problems than any other hardware in the computer.  When a computer turns on for a few moments doesn’t mean that the power supply is working properly. It is wise to consider trying other power supply units to isolate the issue.

4. Reseat everything inside your computer. Some connections inside the computer may need to be firmly secured in place which could possibly have come lost over time. Hardware components such as the RAM, video card, hard drive connections and power cables need to be tightly in place at all times.

5. Reseat the CPU only if you are absolutely certain that it might have come lost. This is unlikely to happen and requires more expert hands for installation.

6. Try to power on the PC with essential hardware alone. While maintaining the computer’s ability to power on, try to remove as much hardware as possible.

7. If step 5 has been performed, try to reinstall each piece of nonessential hardware one at a time. This will allow you to determine the one hardware that may have caused the problem. This is a tedious but very important step to solve the puzzle since one defective hardware can cause the whole computer system to shut down.

8. Test your PC by using a Power On Self Test card. If the PC continues to turn off with only essential PC hardware installed, a Post Card will help locate the problem hardware.

9. Replace each piece of essential hardware with a “known good” identical spare piece. Install one hardware at a time allowing you to figure out which one is defective.

10. If computer continues to turn off, professional help is recommended or contact your computer manufacturer’s technical support.

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My PC suddenly turns off



Before you check for any hardware malfunction, you might need to make sure that your computer is free from virus. Some type of virus can shut down your computer randomly. If you don't already have an antivirus, download it. Some antivirus provide a free trial (Norton, Karspersky) or you can always try some free antivirus (AVG, Avast).

Download any one of them and make sure the virus definition is up to date.

If your chosen antivirus couldn't detect any virus, try to get an antispyware/adware like Spyware Robot or Spybot S&D. There is a chance that the random shutdowns that happen on your computer is caused by that as well. I hope you fix your problem.

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My PC suddenly turns off



Extra temperature is one of the main causes of sudden shut down. Check your system fan and check BIOS temperature setting. As well check out this Techyv post too to get more helpful information.

System shut down without notice.

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