How to get rid of internet connectivity issue?

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           I have had a problem with my wife's CPU for awhile. The brand of my wife’s CPU is Gateway GT5028. There is Microsoft windows XP installed on the computer and there is a problem in it, related to internet connectivity. The issue I have with my wife’s CPU is that the internet stopped working on her CPU.

I would love to share with you guys that before only three days it was working very fine but due to accidental power loss, it has started to get mix-up with the connectivity issue. I am not been able to get connected on that PC even for a second or two. Mean. There is zero connectivity on my wife’s computer. For this issue, I have applied different methods for the solution but none of them worked for me so far.

In this case, to fix this issue I tried reinstalled windows XP but that’s was not helpful to solve this particular issue for me. I have tried plugging-in various Ethernet cards, but it always says that “the CPU cannot detect the modem”. On the other hand, I have my CPU, playstation etc connected to the same modem and all these things work fine for my Computer. I am not sure what to try next and how to get rid of this problem quickly?

 I think that any of your given advice would help. That’s why I want to know/learn from you ;How to get rid of internet connectivity issue?

I am highly frustrated by this problem but I am still very hopeful to get decent help from you guys here. I am waiting for your useful clues. I think that I may not have asked this question in as technical manners as you would love to understand easily but I still have tried my level best to get you as much closer to the issue as I can. Now, it would be your kindness if you should suggest me a solution as early as you can.


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How to get rid of internet connectivity issue?

Hi Franklin,
I have read the problem that you’re having with the computer and I have also experienced the same issue as yours before. The problem that you have can have a lot of solutions depending on what’s really the issue. Since you already had tried reinstalling the OS on the computer, you may want to these steps to resolve the issue.
1. On the computer, click Start button
2. Click Control Panel
3. Look for network connections and the click it (if you can’t find network connections, click network and internet connections and then you will see network connections on the next screen)
4. Let’s look for LAN (Local Area Network) connections and then right-click it. On the menu, click Disable
5. Leave it disabled for a while and then go to the modem or the router if you’re using one, unplug the Ethernet cable connected between the modem/router and the computer
6. Leave it unplug and then turn off the modem and the router
7. Leave it off for 30 seconds, turn the modem on first and wait for it to reboot like for 10 seconds
8. After the modem boot up, turn the wireless router on if you’re using one and then wait until the lights turn on
9. After the router turn on, right-click the LAN (Local Area Network) connections and then click enable
10. Let’s wait for the LAN (Local Area Network) connections to finish identifying, so we can check if it will go connected, limited or no connectivity or unidentified network
11. If it goes connected, that means that you can now connect to the internet, but if after opening internet explorer you still cannot connect to the internet, let’s check the Internet explorer settings
a. At the upper right side of the screen, click Tools
b. On the list of menus, click internet options
c. A screen will load up, click connections tab at the upper part of the window
d. At the bottom part of the screen, click LAN settings
e. Another window will load up, uncheck all the boxes that you will see
f. Click OK
g. Click OK again on the other window
h. Close the internet explorer and then open it again. Check if you can now connect to the internet
12. If on the LAN (Local Area Network) connections shows unidentified network, leave the screen open, then click Start again
13. On the right side of the menu, right click my computer
14. Click properties
15. On the properties menu, click the hardware tab at the upper part of the screen
16. Click device manager
17. On the very bottom part of the screen, look for network adapters, then click it
18. Under the adapters look for the Ethernet adapter that you’re using with the LAN connections, then right click it
19. Select uninstall, then a window will load up asking if you really want to uninstall the device
20. Click Ok or uninstall
21. You’ll notice that the adapter will disappear on the list, right click any of the adapters on the same window, then just click scan for hardware changes to reinstall the NIC card again or the Ethernet adapter
22. You’ll notice once again that the Ethernet adapter is on the list of network adapters again
23. Close all the windows and then try if you can go online
If all of the above solutions did not resolve the issue, so that means that there’s a different problem with the LAN card or the NIC card of your computer. Have it checked by a local computer tech or a friend who knows about hardware of the computer.
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How to get rid of internet connectivity issue?



Good morning I am henry a computer network technician, I read the issue about the connectivity of your internet connection. this is the steps to be followed:

Steps to be check:

1. Check  the entire connection of the UTP cable or cable wire.

2. Check the PIN of RJ45……… if it 's dirt you must clean that by using small flat screw driver.

3. Plug it again to your Ethernet card or modem.

4. If it is not work, replace your Ethernet card and changes it new Ethernet card.

hope it is work.



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How to get rid of internet connectivity issue?


Hello, Franklin. I had experienced this kind of problem before on my computer. This was happened sometimes when computer was unfortunately turned off. This may result to corrupted files or altered internet settings.

First thing to do is just simply download Winsock XP. After downloaded the file, just run it and fix button. No more decision making are necessary. Reboot the computer if needed to fix the internet connection. This can't hurt any of programs installed in your computer. Hope I had helped you to fix your computer issue.

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