How to fix e-mail stop receiving issue?

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I hope that each & everyone here is absolutely fine and willing to help/support each other. Well, I am here to ask question about an issue which I am facing for several hours. The issue is my ISP E-mail no longer works as far as receiving emails is concern. I can send the e-mail to addresses fine but when I open my browser (thunderbird), it starts to check my email and then I receive this message “An error occurred with the POP3 mail server. Mail server responded” And after this just the button of OK appears along with dialog box. This really is very strange problem/case which I am facing. I can think of no reason now for this issue and it is now the 20th hour of this problem’s existence.

And yes, to solve this issue I took different steps. All those steps are given below.

  1. I firstly tried checking incorrect account settings but nothing was changes there (so should be ok). And the problem remained as it was before doing so.
  2. My second step was inspection of my windows firewall setting but after the inspection I realized that nothing was wrong with firewall either.
  3. My third and the last step were to check the server (thinking that server might be not working fine) but I am satisfied after checking that server has no problem what so ever.

So, these are steps/attempts which I made but all seems to be useless for me.

Now, I want someone to kindly help me to get out of this strange issue.

That’s why I want to know, how to fix e-mail stop receiving issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated by me.

Still waiting.

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How to fix e-mail stop receiving issue?



It seems that your server could be running and serving both POP3/IMAP but not providingSMTP service. In many systems, the program responsible for POP3/IMAP is not the same as the one for SMTP. As a result, you may be able to check mail but not send. Try restarting your server or email service from your control panel.

A lot of ISP’s are blocking port 25, the port used to send email. Many of the major ISP’s, including NetZero, MSN, Earthlink, AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, block port 25 in an attempt to control spam. If your ISPblocks port 25, then you will be unable to send email out of your server. This is not a server problem but a direct block by your ISP. They can often work around these blocks by configuring your mail server to listen to additional ports.

You can test if port 25 is blocked by using a telnet client to connect to port 25. If you connect successfully to port 25, you will see your mail server’s banner. This will list some information about your mail server. If you cannot connect to port 25, then either your mail server is down or your ISP has block port 25.

ISP blocks will only impact those clients behind that ISP’s network contact your ISP .


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How to fix e-mail stop receiving issue?


As you have quoted the error message you are receiving, the issue that is causing you not to receive email messages on your thunderbird server has to do with the POP3 server settings.

They have been configured improperly and therefore causing the mails not to land in your inbox.

You will need to check for the problem with the POP3 settings as follows:

  • Check for any spelling mistakes in the POP3 server settings, and those could be mistakes in writing the POP3 server address. You will need to fix that in case there are any.
  • Check for improper use of characters too. For instance the use of commas instead of full dots in writing the POP3 server address, for instance pop3, instead of Rectify if you find any.

Clair Charles


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