How to fix dbghelp.dll error?

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Hi experts, I’ve just got a dbghelp.dll error. This is a common problem for regular pc users.

Actually, the warning appears that the dbghelp.dll file isn’t working properly.

Because of this, some of the programs won’t work properly.

An error message appears:


The procedure entry point SymSearchW could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll

So, I need some advices for this.


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How to fix dbghelp.dll error?



Dear Slayton,

You have the problem in your computer. Your problem is dbghelp.dll error. Here are some tips to solve your problem. Please follow the instruction-

** First download the dbghelp.dll file from the internet. Then copy it to the directory.

** If you are using windows 7 32-bit OS then you have to copy the downloaded file & have to paste into “system32” folder of your c drive (windows installed drive).  Local Disc C>Windows>System32>paste the file previously copied by you.

** I you are using windows 7 64-bit then copy the file to syswow64 folder.  Local Disc C>Windows> syswow64> paste the file previously copied by you.

** Mow restarts your computer.

I hope now your problem is solved.

Thank you.

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How to fix dbghelp.dll error?


You can try the following solutions below to fix Dbghelp.dll error:

1. It oftens indicate an issue with your registry, virus threats, malwares or even hardware failure. Don't try to download the dbghelp.dll from any DLL download website. It may cause aditional issue if you do so. The safest way is to obtain the missing dll file to its original and legal sources. If it comes from any program, reinstall the program again to get the missing dll file.

2. Try to restore dbghelp.dll from the Recycle Bin if you think that you accidenatlly remove it.

3. Run your antivirus software and perform a complete scan. Some of the dbghelp.dll errors are associated with some viruses or malware infections. It certainly damaged the dll file.

4. Run the System Restore to undo the recent changes you just made on your computer system.

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