Windows 7 slow startup and shutdown

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My problem is this: Windows 7 is slow to startup and shutdown, even after cleaning (CCleener) and defragmentation.

Then I closed all running programs, but nothing changed?

At startup, I only open the programs I need (not much) or after the works?

Well, I do not understand anything?

Thank you in advance if you can help me.

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Windows 7 slow startup and shutdown


There are many things that can causes the computer to perform slowly, as below:

  • Many applications are installed

Do not install too much software that is not used, as this will take space on your computer and will disrupt the performance of the computer. If it’s already installed, you can uninstall the program via control panel.

  • Many junk files

This may often be forgotten by a lot of people, junk files are: file in the Recycle Bin, cookies, browser history, back files, temporary files etc. These files should be discarded.

  • Many applications are read during startup

You should not have to put the program icon in the taskbar, because when it startup the system will take a long time to activated the program. This will slow down the computer work.

  • The system management is irregular

Perform regular Scandisk to fix hard drive crashes that often result in sudden death litrikor hang. In addition to doing Scandisk, which is not less important is the Defragment regularly. This is especially useful when high levels of computer use. The files need to be placed properly so that empty space is not cluttered. If space is cluttered file placement can result in slow computer work.

  • Shutdown process does not match the procedure

If is often shut down the computer through the Boot, long may cause the operating system does not run normally and hardisk will be damaged (bad sectors). This will aggravate the situation because the system files that exist on a bad sector can not read, so the computer often experience sudden death (hang).

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Windows 7 slow startup and shutdown

  1. Uninstall unwanted programs through control panel.
  2. Remove junk data such as Recycle bin, cookies, browser history, back and temporary files.
  3. Disable background running programs.
  4. Limit your start up programs
  5. Run Scan Disk


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