How do I disable Caps Lock ?

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I have large clumsy hands.

I often inadvertently turn on the caps lock, which causes problems.

How do I disable it.

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How do I disable Caps Lock ?


Hitting Caps Lock unintentionally is a Universal thing. Almost everybody who has used a word processor must have accidentally hit the Caps Lock key and changed the case of what they were writing. But there is a way to disable the keyboard Caps Lock.

You need to be very careful, while playing with these below mentioned codes. You must be a computer literate, and have administrator rights as, if you enter the wrong code your keyboard can behave very mischievously too.

  1. Go to Start → Run → regedit
  2. Go to HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout
  3. Right-click on the right half of the screen and choose New → Binary
  4. Name the new Value Scancode Map
  5. Enter 00000000000000000200000000003A0000000000
  6. Close
  7. Reboot

There is another option which is very safe and you do not need any administrator privileges to do this. Remove the Caps Lock key physically from the keyboard. This will just create an empty hole in your keyboard but your keyboard will work fine.


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How do I disable Caps Lock ?


The better Idea is to remove the 'Caps Lock' button. There will be a hole in that place. But it won't affect your typing. So do it without any hesitation.

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How do I disable Caps Lock ?

  • Go to Start – run – regedit;
  • Click on HKey_Local_Machine-system-currentcontrolset-control-keyboard layout;
  • Right click on the keyboard layout;
  • Click on new and select binary value;
  • Name the new value scancodemap and
  • Enter 000000000000000003000000000052E0000003A0000000000;
  • Close regedit and restart the computer.

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