RF mouse or BT mouse: which is better?

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My current mouse has given up on me and I'm planning on getting a new mouse.

I'd like to keep my desk clean so I'm planning on getting one with no wires.

I'd like to know which is better in terms of interference rejection and functionality: a Bluetooth mouse or a radio frequency (RF) mouse?

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RF mouse or BT mouse: which is better?


There are no much difference to say one is best. In BT mouse you need Bluetooth in your computer. If it is not in-built you have to buy an external BT dongle.

With RF mouse you get a RF receiver which you need to plug into your PS2 slot or you can get it USB as well like in a typical wired mouse. 

Anyway I prefer RF mouse as it doesn't require any additional services and to use BT mouse you need to keep Bluetooth enabled all the time which is not very acceptable.

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RF mouse or BT mouse: which is better?


Bluetooth mouse use frequency hop up to 2400 MHz band. This is designed to use this feature full functions with less resistant of interference of any devices. Interference that might slow down the use of Bluetooth mouse.

With this type of feature, you'll get what you expected mouse can do for you. You can use your computer by the use of Bluetooth mouse. An advantage for this is that Bluetooth mouse is standardized and is only use for specific manufacturers. This can't be use to other devices not related to the manufacturer or your Bluetooth mouse device.

Compare to wireless mouse, it does not use frequency hop but use single channel for keyboard and for the mouse. It transmit signal through transceiver but can be interfere by microwave or other EMI. It also need batteries to make this wireless mouse accessible. You'll need battery charger or prepare for back-up one, in case battery ran out.

So, in closing words, both have there on advantages and disadvantages. You'll need to know how your house is set-up. If there are lots of wireless interference then you need to use Bluetooth mouse or use Bluetooth mouse if only you wanted to.

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RF mouse or BT mouse: which is better?


Mostly if you want your customizable buttons, you will lose with performance using BT. If you want performance, there are a few options that are as good/nearly as good as the RF's, but you won't get the buttons. I haven't tried the Microsoft one, but i would imagine that it is not as precise.

Either way, you will lose some battery life and a larger variety of mice, but gain mobility, convenience, and a nice clean look, no dongles. Right now BT mice just don't have the variety that RF mice have. 
I think it's cause BT speeds has a lot of latency so gaming mouse is hard to make.
But I suppose it saves better due to reduced range compared to wireless.
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RF mouse or BT mouse: which is better?


As far as interference rejection, you're better off using the radio frequency mouse than the Bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth devices tend to be unstable and very prone to interference especially if you have other devices around that work on the 2.4 GHz band.

That is, wireless router than are either wireless b or g, wireless cards, wireless phones operating at 2.4 GHz. Microwave ovens and even pine trees can cause interference to Bluetooth connections.

Radio frequency devices (mouse and keyboard) are designed to work with their respective transceiver and may work at different frequency bands depending on the design unlike Bluetooth which has to function at 2.4 GHz.

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