How to clean the fan of the laptop?

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What is the best thing to do when cleaning the laptops fan? or i just need to use a brush?

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How to clean the fan of the laptop?


Hello Alwyn White. When cleaning laptop fans, you can use anything may it be brush, lint free cloth,toothbrush, cotton applicator or compressed air ( the one that looks like spray can. But whatever you use, the principle here is to be careful not to damage your laptop in anyway.

When you use brush, cloth, or cotton applicator, you need to unscrew the case that covers the fan and even the fan itself (depends on the kind of laptop as every model is different in the way they are made) to reach those corners where dust and dirt accumulated. Again, take note of the PRINCIPLE. That can mean that when you unscrew any compartment, make sure you screw it back properly making sure every small part is in the right place after youv'e done the cleaning.

Using compressed air might be more convenient to use than a brush as you can lazily spray air through the vents without opening it. But take note of the PRINCIPLE again. That means read instructions on how to use compressed air. These can include but not limited to

1) Not spraying with much force as it can damage the rotating mechanism of the fan

2) Do not spray some form of liquid on the parts, just air

3) Spray air to expel dust and dirt out of the fan, not relocating it to some other parts of the laptop as this can be very damaging. Sometimes even with compressed air, a need to still open the fan compartment arises.

Make sure you unplug and remove the batteries of the laptop before cleaning it. Unlike desktop computers, laptop fans do not get dirty easily.  So it is recommended you do the cleaning of the fan at least once a month to prevent buildup.

Hope I have been of great help.

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How to clean the fan of the laptop?



Fan is the very important parts of Laptop. You must keep it well maintained to prevent damage. You can clean the fan at home or contact professional service center. To clean it, you can follow some simple steps. First unplug the power and remove the battery. Find the fan and use cotton carefuly to wipe away dust from the fan blades. Finally, turn the laptop and replace all of the removed parts.

Thank you.

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