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I was working a note from “Evernote Mac Desktop client”. The power battery of my laptop was about to be emptied.

I did not know about the ending battery. My PC shut down due to the lack of power supply (Battery).

I plugged in the power cable to recharge the battery and logged on the computer. Now after launching Evernote, I get an error saying;

 The file “Evernote.sql” could not be opened.

What should I do to remove this error to work again in Evernote.

Please help me!

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Error : "The file 'Evernote.sql' could not be opened".

Assuming that you have recently sync’d your notes so that everything is on the Evernote server, here are the steps on how to fix the problem,

  1. Quit Evernote. Force quit if you have to.
  2. Open Terminal.
  3. Issue this command to remove your Evernote application settings and notes database directory,                                                             rm -rd - / Library / Application Support / Evernote
  4. Launch Evernote. Your notes database and all settings will be downloaded from the Evernote server.

PS : If somehow you get a message as ‘no such file,’ just go to the folder yourself and trash it.

Hope it was clear and works for you.