How can i Install New RAM In My RAM Slot ?

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I Have A Computer Pentium 3 Fata. My Computer Motherboard Is Gigabyte And 128 Ram. Now I Buy A New RAM 256 And AGP Card. When I Fixed New RAM It Doesn’t Work. I Am Trying With My Old 128 Ram It Works. I Check New RAM, It Is Ok and Other Computer It’s Work Properly. When I Fix In My Pc It Doesn’t Work, Now What Can I Do?

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How can i Install New RAM In My RAM Slot ?


Seeing your configuration your PC is old model PC. Your motherboard is gigabyte containing DDR-1. DDR-1 RAMs does not match many times. It is a big problem happening. You should carry your PC to the sales Centre.

You have to try many RAMs. You have to take which RAM match with your old RAM and your Motherboard RAM's slot. If it still does not work you should buy two RAMs which match with each other or use just only 256. If still any problem and you want to increase your configuration then change your PC. Modernize it into new model PC contains modern configurations. This might help you. Hopefully you have got your answer.

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How can i Install New RAM In My RAM Slot ?



Dear Srkshraju,

Dear I hope you have bought the wrong category.

In Pentium III computer, SDR Ram will run. First see that you have got SDR RAM?

Here is a picture of SDR Ram for your help.

The SDR RAM has two notches or cuts on its connecting edge.

Please get a SDR RAM and then try to install.

One more important thing is the Bus speed of RAM.

In Pentium III computer mostly PC2700 runs accurately.



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