How can i check My DirectX version??

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I have used Windows 98 and Windows Me but never found the tools that give me the access to check the DirectX version.

Now I am using Windows XP and still i don't know where to find that tool to check my DirectX version.

And I intend to use Windows Seven in future.

So I want to know How can I check My DirectX version in windows XP.

At first answer me this question and then I will like to know about the same thing how to do in Windows seven.

For more help I am now using windows XP professional and service pack 2.

I hope this may be helpful for you to answer.

And if you can please tell me what are the basic differences between DirectX 9 and DirectX 10.

Why those upgraded version of DirectX  is supplied.

Is DirectX is too important to play games in Windows operating system.

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How can i check My DirectX version??


Click  Windows START Menu.

Click  RUN

Type dxdiag on the textbox provided  and click OK.

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How can i check My DirectX version??


DirectX Diagnostic Tool or what you can called dxdiag

The solution for your problem. This tool is used to test the functionality and troubleshooting of your DirectX problems.

The Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Tool gives details about the DirectX API (application programming interface).

The components and drivers on your system. It provides you to test Microsoft DirectPlay service providers and sound and graphics outputs. It can also give you to disable some hardware acceleration features.

Default it located in the SystemRootSystem32. In Vista and 7 version of Windows, it only shows the information and no longer be able to test the hardware and various DirectX components.

This can be used to diagnose problems such as

Incorrect versions of DirectX components

Lack of hardware acceleration

Devices that are not connected

Unsigned Drivers

System tab displays the current DirectX version, the OS version, computers' hostname, information of system BIOS, and the other very useful data. The DirectX files tab shows the information of the versions of specific DirectX system files, which are DLLs (dynamic link libraries) or portable executables.

And also this tool will give the information about the current display settings and video hardware. It will be shown in the Display tab.

When you have more than one monitor, then the tool will display another separate tab for each monitor. From there you can disable Direct3D, DirectDraw and AGP Texture Acceleration for troubleshooting purpose. If the installed display driver is passed the Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing, this tool will display the result on the right side of the window.

In Music Tab, it will display the information about machines MIDI settings. A list of different music related software and hardware on the machine.

Input tab shows the information about the input devices that installed in the computer. For example keyboard and mouse. It can also detect the problems with these devices.

In Windows XP Professional edition x64 , Windows Vista edition x64 , and Windows 7 edition x64, two versions of DirectX are included, a 32-bit version and native 64-bit version.

If you want to find the version you installed in your PC go the System tab and the System Information field set, the last item is saying the version.

Just try using this tool to check the details about the DirectX components and drivers on your PC. You will make it helpful.

Yes of course, DirectX is an important component as well as an essential tool to play games in Windows operating system.

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How can i check My DirectX version??



You could look for a program that goes by the name of belarc advisor.
This program will check your system and report on the kind of hardware of software available and installed in your system.
Alternatively you could go to the start button and on the search area key in the command “dxdiag”.
This should carry out a system check of Directx installed on your computer

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