How to block faceBook website

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Hi there,

My brother is always in front of the computer, always playing games on Facebook. I just want him to play every Saturday and Sunday. Because his classes started just last week. I want him to focus with his studies and not spend lots of time on Facebook.

Can somebody here, tell me how to block Facebook for an hour or for week days? So, if every time my brother browses for Facebook, he won't be able to open it. I can't use a password for the computer because he actually needs it to research for his studies.

Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.

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How to block faceBook website


Hi Bastin,

I am afraid that the current version of Firefox, does not have the option to block a website for a specific duration. But if you really want to help your brother, what you can do is, after you use the computer, you can block Facebook, and then just unblock it when you need to.

In your Firefox browser go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Exception. Type the URL of the website(s) that you want to block. If you want to unblock it, then just remove it from the list.

Just make sure that your brother does not know how to use another browser, because he can still access it there, unless you also block it there.


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How to block faceBook website


In blocking a website you may need to do it manually. It won't allow you to block the website for a week or for an hour. You may really need to unblock that specific website if you want to use it.

I have some few tricks here for you to follow:

If you are using the Internet Explorer, just follow these steps to block a website:

1. Pull up IE.

2. Click on tools.

3. Click on Internet Options and then go to the Privacy tab.

4. Below you will see the privacy window, just click on sites.

6. Type in for example and other website that you want to block and click on OK. This trick only blocks one site at one time.

You can also use Parental control software that will allow you to block multiple websites.


You could also try this one, this would actually work in any browsers and windows OS.

This specific action would need you to edit your Host File. Your Host file is a computer file which is used for storing information, on where to locate a node on a computer network.

All you need to do is click on start then go to all programs, then click on the command prompt:

On the command prompt type: notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
Then find the line localhost
To bl ock the website just add this text below localhost:
You can add as many sites as you want; just always put in front of the website.

And if you are using MAC try this path.


And after seven days; you can just delete the host file to unblock it.

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