Hokuyo and LabVIEW; error occurred; possible reason: 350

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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with Hokuyo URG-04LX lidar.

This is supposed to work well with LabVIEW but when I run a sample program I got this error.

I have tried running sample programs included in Hokuyo driver before and they work just fine.

How do I configure this?


Hokuyo URG Series Configure and Acquire Data.vi

Error – 1074000350 occurred at Hokuyo URG Series.lvlib:Error Query.vi

Possible reason(s):


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Hokuyo and LabVIEW; error occurred; possible reason: 350


Hello Anlui,

Try the following steps:

  • Add the RIO as a target to the project.
  • Go the example VI and then put it under the sbRIO target.
  • Open the VI and after that alter the Polymorphic Instance on the Initialize VI to "cRIO-USB" This results in a broken wire to the VISA resource name.
  • After that delete the VISA resource control and then create a new one from the input to the Initialize.
  • And then go to  MAX, and then look for the sbRIO and then look at the USB devices under Devices and Interfaces. There will be two resources there. Select the second one of them.




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