Help with the buffalo router lock

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I have trouble with this buffalo router lock issue I encountered after I configured and installed my new WLAE-AG300N. I have configured this so that my PC could connect to a wireless network. The problem is that, the router seems to lock me out when a new connection is established. An error appears which says there's already a session in progress with the IP address of the AG300N.

Steps to replicate the issue:

1. Configure and install AG300N

2. Turn the AG300N off

3. Connect a PC to the router

4. Using that PC, log on to the router web interface

5. Now turn on AG300N

The router will respond that there is already a session in progress.

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Help with the buffalo router lock

Hey, not only you, I am also facing this problem. It is not only for the router, many programs shows message like that. I share you my experience. 
Uninstall all Configure and install AG300N. Then install it again. If don't work, install windows newly and then install AG300NWill be astonished, it will work properly.
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Help with the buffalo router lock



Hi Daniel,

I’m not quite sure when this “session in progress” happens. Does it happen when you attempt to connect to the router wirelessly? To tell you honestly this is my first time to hear about this error. I have a fair experience with dealing with these routers and I haven’t encountered this yet. Still, I will tell you what I think can solve it and I’ll leave everything to you.


1.      Remove any wireless profile added to your computer.

2.      Make sure that the IP address of your computer is set to obtain.

3.      Restore your router to Factory Settings (click reset button at the back of the router for about 10 Sec.)

4.      Restart your router.

5.      Once Router is fully turned ON check for a valid IP address.

6.      Access Routers User Interface. Change all that you need to change.

7.      Try to connect wirelessly again.


If you still can’t connect consider updating the firmware of your router. Hope this helps!

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