Learn About The Automatic Network Diagram Software

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Hi. I have interest in the design domain of software. I would like to know about the automatic network diagram software. What are its uses and its disadvantages? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Learn About The Automatic Network Diagram Software


Hi. Network topology manager is a kind of automatic network diagram software. It is used to-

• Scan the network and automatically generate the network maps

• It exports the maps to software such as MS Visio and PDF format

• It is used to detect changes by scheduling scans of the network

• It is used to generate inventory reports

Network topology manager consists of 4 layouts of the map from which you can select the one which is most appropriate for you. The maps are either detailed or only devices like routers etc.

This tool is also helpful in cases where you wish to find the computer which generated the virus or worm and which is the source of all problems. Here, NTM generates a list of ports along with the MAC and IP addresses of the PCs so that it can be identified.

It can also be used to scan the network and indicate changes if any.

The limitations include-

• It removes the changes when new devices are added

• As the network becomes scalable, the speed of the scan becomes slow

• It would be better if instead of scanning the entire network, the network was divided into segments which were then tested

Hope we helped.

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