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After I plug in my HDMI cable on the  computer, i will get a error message “The connected TV is either not powered on, is in standby state, or does not support REGZA-LINK (HDMI Control)” . This has just worked in the past. It does not allow me select anything

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If you receive an error message while connecting your computer to the TV using HDMI cable, try going to the device manager of your computer (You can access it through My Computer and choose Manage). Once you are in the device manager, select "Sound, Video and game controllers". Once this has been selected, right click the mouse on ATI HDMI Audio  and select on Disable. A message will appear saying "Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it?" just select yes. Once this is completed, connect your HDMI cable to the TV. Ensure that the Stereo cable is connected to the audio port of the laptop and to the stereo system. The Auxiliary system of the stereo is used to play the audio output from the laptop. You can see the video on TV using the HDMI Cable.