Why is my screen looking blue?

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I am just an end user, and recently I bought a TV card.After I inserted it in my computer it functioned very well , but after like a period of three months the screen turned bluish. Sometimes it turns reddish and also sometimes it becomes clear.

what could be wrong with my computer or the problem is with my TV Card?

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Why is my screen looking blue?



There seems to be a problem with the monitor which occurs because of the cable connection.

The cable that connects your monitor to the CPU might be tampered, check if it is attached properly. It can also be because may be the cable has been ruined. If this is the problem then get a new cable and this must solve your problem.

The problem can also be caused because of the graphics card. The card might be corrupted. 

Please show your computer to Computer Hardware engineer as it might be hardware problem because display mainly related to graphics card.

The hardware person can exactly tell you what the problem is only after checking what’s wrong.



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Why is my screen looking blue?


Most of this is evident due to loose connection to the VGA card or TV card. Check the connections from PC to Monitor and unplug and re plug if necessary. May be Color correction settings of the display driver accidentally changed.

Navigate to Device Manager -> Display Adaptors -> change color settings to default settings and Update the drivers. Sometimes this happens due to pin damage in the VGA cable.

Ensure that all the 15 pins are clean and straight without bent. It‘s better to do a complete service to the motherboard, Graphics card & TV card to remove dust and avoid loose connections.

Replace the monitor cable to check cable faulty. Otherwise you can conclude that there is an internal Hardware fault inside Monitor, ply damage or color gun fault. Consult a technician.

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Why is my screen looking blue?


Hi I will till the solution to fix the monitor.

If the computer system has both an integrated graphics connector and on add-in graphics card connector, plug the monitor cable into the graphics card connector on the back of the computer, and if the graphics card is a standards PCI expansion, you can enable the integrated graphics in computer setup.

If a PCI-Express graphics card is installed, the integrated graphics can not be enabled.

Another reason monitor setting in the computer are not compatible with the monitor.


  1. Restart the computer and press F8 during startup when you see PRESS F8 in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Using the keyboard arrow keys, select Enable VGA mode and Press Enter.
  3. In windows control panel, double click the display icon and select the setting tab.
  4. Use the sliding control to reset the resolution.

If this procedure will not work… consult the Electronic technician to fix the monitor hardware.

Thank you..



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